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Spark LIFEstyle is crafted around the seniors who live in our community. Our team designs the programming, offerings, activities, and environment around our current residents. When a senior joins us at Savannah Cove of Maitland, our lifestyle team gets to know them, what's exciting for them, what their preferences and interests are and works to engage the Spark that makes each person unique!

Savannah Cove of Maitland Senior Living's Spark LIFEstyle program is:

Purposeful: Our highly trained team of leadership, resident care, and lifestyle & activities professionals work together to make sure that our programming and lifestyle offerings are designed for resident success. We work to always put residents first. While all of our activities, lifestyle offerings and events may just seem fun on the surface, we have crafted them to include leading industry research and always a person centered philosophy.

Individualized: Each resident at our community has a lifestyle that is tailored to their unique preferences and personalities. Socialization is critical for seniors, and we recognize that social needs are different for all of our residents. We truly get to know each resident, their backgrounds, personalities, preferences, and what they would like to accomplish.

Engaging: Every associate on our team is involved in the Spark LIFEstyle, each department plays a role. Dining Services may theme the days meals and snacks to coordinate with a large event, or they may help throw a small men's coffee and cake dessert event. Associates are excited and knowledgeable about what's going on, and what's up and coming so that residents are aware and can be prepared to participate if they choose.

Since our events are specifically tailored to those who live in our community, and we are excited about our Spark LIFEstyle, it's an easy choice for residents to be involved!

Our goal is to SPARK life, SPARK fun, SPARK friendships!

Maitland Rehab Care Options

Savannah Cove of Maitland offers skilled nursing and rehabilitation services in a smaller, more intimate setting allowing optimal care for just 39 patients.

Savannah Cove of Maitland is a comfortable rehabilitation community where hospitality comes first and is truly a way of life for our customers. For those who require short-term rehab services or skilled nursing, our Savannah Cove of Maitland location has an outstanding reputation for providing optimal physical and occupational rehab services and skilled nursing care.

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Savannah Cove of Maitland

Find out more about our senior living care levels below: